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Hire this man for ALL of your visual content needs William Alan Photo

Spend your allowance here Sonic Boom Records

The best radio station on the planet Zoltar is KEXP

Remember the good ol’ days (pre-guitar center) when going to an independent, small music store run by friendly knowledgeable people was a pleasant experience? That experience is no longer a faded memory thanks to these fine folks The Guitar Store

If your pocket is a bit deeper, or you are just in the mood to drool over stock vintage pieces that the EMP does not even own - go here Emerald City Guitars

That perfect boutique Fender clone with all of the trimmings, required tweaks and impressive innovations can be found here Swart

Meet your new favorite boutique handcrafted pedal maker Wilson Effects

When that tube amplifier you cashed in your 401k for needs some serious TLC; take it to Condor and ask specifically for Kevin – aka Mr. Science of SoftScience Amplification. Mr. Science also provides superhuman custom analog solutions featuring his patented Theft Proof™ Technology.

Every component you could possibly imagine for your very own DIY gear project can be found here Mojotone and here TubeDepot

Jack Endino - making bands with decent rhythm sections sound like the hammer of the gods since 1987

Phil Ek - makes gold records by putting his pants on one leg at a time

Johnny Sangster - will make you sound awesome for a very reasonable price at his very cool loft studio - in Ballard too!

John Goodmanson - quietly making stone cold killer records for 20+ yrs.

Got a decent recording budget? Looking for the best possible room and the deepest collection of analog and vintage gear? Welcome to the empire of Stuart Hallerman

Wanna make your record all by yourself? Your journey begins here Tape Op

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