Porter Harp & Friends

The first element that will catch the full and undivided attention of your ear on, “Mostly Fiction”, are Tara Roth’s deceptively youthful pop vocals. There is a catchy pop hook on almost every track on this most excellent album. But, if you take the time to listen a little closer (i.e. more than a couple of times through) you will start to truly hear Tara’s cleverly disguised pop vocals telling you a slightly different story on every track that ultimately reveals her post graduate level, and well-practiced, creative English writing skills. If this band does not become as huge as I think they should be; I would gladly look forward to reading anything authored by this very talented wordsmith and singer-songwriter. Oh, and for gawds sake she plays drums in addition to being a very respectable rhythm guitar and key player too. Good Lord, where does her talent end?

As part of our humble celebration of the 10th anniversary release of the critically acclaimed album, Drinking Season, by Porter Harp & Friends - we have culled the vaults and posted three high fidelity previously unreleased tracks from those magical sessions on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure.

Click here to enjoy! If you get a chance to give the songs a listen, be sure and let us know what you think – and as always, be sure to share the love with your friends. Thanks!

PS - wanna hear a track on radio? Send a request to KEXP here

Porter Harp – Drinking Season - William Alan Photo

I designed the artwork for Porter Harp‘s critically acclaimed CD: Drinking Season.

Below is the cover artwork. The truck photo on the left is actually a composite of 3 images and some early, hand blended HDR. I did the portrait of Porter in his practice space which he called the Brady Bunch Jam Room.  It is a simple one light set up including ambient light.Porter.Harp.Drinking.SeasonEc-E

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We'd like to thank the following Radio stations for supporting Drinking Season by adding the record to their play lists. If you recognize a station in your neck of the woods below, please give 'em a shout and put in a request - nothing helps us more than radio airplay.

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